Blueprint Home Services is a winning team committed to excellent workmanship and customer service.

Our Story, Philosophy and Core Beliefs

Starting a project can be a daunting task. That is why most projects keep getting put on the back burner regardless of how anxious the customer is to get the project done. You’re probably full of questions. Who should I call first? How much will it cost? Can I get financing? Will insurance cover it? How long will it take?

These are all great questions and the process can be easier than you think. Blueprint Home Service’s Missions are to make your project:

As Convenient As It Is Desired:

We do this by doing the simple things right, such as showing up when we say we will (and on time!!!). Blueprint Home Services is very selective with the projects we choose to take on. We vow to only take on your project if we know, without a doubt, that you will receive a 5-star product with a 5-star customer experience. We can help with the financing aspects of your project. We have incredible financing plans for you to choose from as well as working with your insurance company to make sure your project is properly funded. If we feel like we are not the right fit for your job, we will make our resources available to you so you can get pointed in the right direction.

As Transparent As It Is Expected:

Communication is key!! Let’s face it, construction is often times messy. Nobody is ever thrilled about having strangers in or at their home. Sometimes certain utilities or appliances need to be shut down. If you are caught off-guard by one of these occurrences, that could be a BIG Problem. Our philosophy turns “problems” into necessary inconveniences by communicating with you everything you should expect during your project (even if we think you wont like it), so that you are never surprised and can plan accordingly. We believe every project, big or small, requires a strategy (or Blueprint, if you will).

As Fun As It Is Exciting:

Getting a project finished is always exciting. The process of actually completing the project, on the other hand… Usually not so much. Why is this? We believe working on a project with a friend or someone you like is way better than working alone or with someone you don’t like. Keeping in mind that construction can only get so fun, we strive to create a relationship with every customer that allows for excitement and fun to exist during the process of your project instead of just at the end. Many of our customers keep in touch with us long after their project is complete. We are always happy to hear from our past clients and help them in any way that we can in the future!

As Safe As It Is Possible:

Construction is dangerous. Power tools + ladders + extreme Arizona heat = A lot of risk. Blueprint Home Services promises to always conduct services in the most professional and safe ways to minimize this unavoidable danger. We carry multiple insurance policies and bond to ensure that if an accident were to happen on your property, you would be fully covered and protected. In Arizona, the extreme heat is one of the main safety concerns. During the summer months, we make it a point to stay very alert to hydration requirements and may have to take certain days off if it will be too hot.

As Great As It Can Be:

Our staff is a wealth of knowledge with decades of combined construction experience. We hold our workmanship standards to the highest level possible and refuse to cut corners in efforts to cut costs. This allows us to offer you the strongest workmanship warranties that far surpass the standard workmanship warranties required by the Arizona Registrar of Contractors.

Core Values:
  1. Be where you said you would be when you said you would be there
  2. Provide the best solution for the customer. Even if it’s not you
  3. Listen, Ask, and Listen More. Communication is Key
  4. Make a friend to the level your customer wants to have a friend
  5. Without workers, we cannot do jobs. Safety First. Even if its 5th.
  6. Be the Best or your product wont seem like it is.