Frequently asked questions, answered by the experts at Blueprint Home Services.

Do you charge for estimates?

No, we provide damage assessments free of charge.

How much will my new roof cost?

The cost of your roof will depend on size, shape, slope and the number of existing roof layers.

What type of roofing sytem should I use?

We will inspect your home to determine the best methods, materials, warranties and prices for your individual building.

Can we install a new roof over the existing roof?

Yes, but the preferred method is removal. Removal allows for inspection of the substrate, and the elimination of any wet, rough and/or unstable existing materials.

What are the differences between shingle types?

The basic shingle types are:

Three-Tab Shingle, the cheapest shingle on the market
– Has a single layer minimum coverage
– Good for customers primarily concerned with price
Dimensional/Architectural Shingle (30 Year)
– Has a double layer minimum coverage
– Higher quality shingle composed of two layers of material per shingle
Dimensional/Architectural Shingle (40 Year)
– Minimum double layer coverage
– High quality, thick shingle composed of two layers of material per shingle

Do light colored shingles last longer than darker shingles?

Dark shingles should last as long as lighter shingles given that they are installed on a house that has a properly vented attic. Proper attic ventilation is the key component to a longer lasting roof.

What kind of material warranties are available?

Material warranties are usually issued by the manufacturers for periods of 25-40 years.

What is a ridge?

The ridge is the top of your roof, which runs level to the ground (does not have a slope). The ridge is usually covered with ridge caps (short shingles laid in a straight line) or, preferably, with a ridge vent.

What is a valley?

A valley is created when two main roof decks intersect each other. The resulting junction resembles a valley.

Do you keep the property clean?

Cleanliness is very important. Yes, we clean our work area and the surrounding yard area at the conclusion of every work day.

What do you do with the old roofing debris?

All debris is taken to the landfill and disposed of properly.

Can we put the roof on during the winter?

We can install a roof year round, with only minor adjustments due to severe weather conditions.

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